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Bump Empowers Creatives, Artists, and Influencers with Better Financial Management

Image Credits: Bump
By: Headliners News / May 14, 2024

James Jones is an entertainment lawyer with a passion for solving real-world problems. Inspired by his father’s dual roles as an engineer and a musician/preacher, Jones noticed a recurring concern: managing finances in the creative world was a headache. Artists, influencers, and even his father often grappled with tracking earnings, negotiating deals, and building wealth.

Enter Bump, Jones’ brainchild, launched in 2020 alongside CTO Anton Kovalyov. Fast forward to today, and the startup is making waves with a fresh $3 million seed round, backed by ImpactX, Capitalize, and Serac Ventures.

So, what’s Bump’s game plan? Simple—help creators wrangle their finances like a pro. From income tracking to market value insights, Bump empowers creators to negotiate better deals and keep tabs on what they’re owed from partners.

But Bump’s not stopping there. In a savvy move, they’ve teamed up with Mastercard to roll out the Bump Creator credit card—no hidden fees, no credit checks, just financial freedom. Plus, Bump’s got banking on lock, offering direct deposit accounts with interest-earning perks.

Jones admits the fundraising journey was no cakewalk. Battling market uncertainties and investor hesitations, Bump faced its fair share of rejection. But resilience paid off, with the seed round closing in just six months, backed by heavy hitters like Heirloom Ventures and Snap Inc.

Why all the fuss? According to Oliver Libby of H/L Ventures, the creator economy’s the next big thing, yet lacks financial infrastructure. That’s where Bump steps in, bridging the gap for underrepresented and underbanked creators.

For Jones, building Bump isn’t just a job—it’s a calling. Driven by a lifelong desire to tackle societal issues, he’s found his niche in founderhood. Despite the rollercoaster ride, Jones wouldn’t have it any other way. Jones has always been drawn to solving real problems, and while being a founder isn’t always smooth sailing, it’s a journey that he wouldn’t trade for the world.

If you’re a creator and need a better financial management solution, you should consider looking more into Bump today.

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