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BREVIAN: Making it Easy for Businesses to Build Custom AI Agents without Extensive Technical Expertise

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By: Headliners News / March 13, 2024

Sunnyvale-based Brevian is poised to revolutionize the enterprise AI landscape with its innovative no-code platform, which aims to democratize AI development and deployment. By empowering business users to create custom AI agents without requiring extensive technical expertise, Brevian is poised to unlock new possibilities for organizations across industries.

The company’s founders, Vinay Wagh and Ram Swaminathan, bring a wealth of experience from both the tech industry and academia. Wagh’s background in product development and his tenure at Databricks provided him with invaluable insights into enterprise needs and emerging technologies. Swaminathan’s expertise in machine learning and AI trust, honed during his time at LinkedIn and research institutions like Bell Labs, complements Wagh’s experience, forming a formidable leadership team poised to drive Brevian’s success.

One of Brevian’s key differentiators is its strong focus on security, an essential consideration in today’s data-driven world. By proactively addressing security concerns related to AI implementation, such as data privacy and prompt injection attacks, the company instills confidence in its platform’s reliability and trustworthiness. This proactive approach not only safeguards sensitive information but also ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, bolstering Brevian’s appeal to enterprise customers.

Moreover, Brevian’s commitment to user empowerment extends beyond security to encompass usability and accessibility. The platform’s no-code interface enables business users to harness the power of AI without grappling with complex coding or machine learning algorithms. This democratization of AI empowers organizations to leverage AI-driven insights and automation to drive innovation, enhance operational efficiency, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

With its recent $9 million seed funding round led by Felicis Ventures, Brevian is poised for rapid growth and expansion. The influx of capital will fuel product development efforts, allowing the company to enhance its platform’s capabilities and address a broader range of use cases. Additionally, the new funding infusion will support Brevian’s efforts to scale its team and infrastructure to meet the increasing demand from customers eager to leverage its AI platform.

As Brevian emerges from stealth and enters the spotlight, the company is well-positioned to redefine the enterprise AI landscape. With its innovative platform, seasoned leadership team, and strong investor backing, Brevian is poised to revolutionize how organizations harness the power of AI to drive digital transformation and achieve their business objectives.

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