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Blend: Helping Shoppers Get Personalized Fashion Recommendations

Image Credits: Blend
By: Headliners News / September 28, 2023

In the vast realm of online shopping, where endless aisles and a sea of open tabs can quickly transform retail therapy into a digital odyssey, a knight in shining armor has emerged. Blend, a pioneering startup hailing from the U.K., is wielding the formidable power of AI to rescue online shoppers from the clutches of decision fatigue and guide them to personalized clothing choices that perfectly align with their style, budget, and size.

The Fashion Rabbit Hole Dilemma

For those who’ve ever embarked on an online shopping spree, Blend’s mission will strike a chord. Picture yourself, two hours deep into a fashion rabbit hole, surrounded by an army of open tabs, brimming shopping carts, a cacophony of YouTube clothing haul reviews, and the gnawing anxiety of information overload. This digital retail labyrinth is where Blend steps in.

The AI-Powered Savior

Blend, founded by the visionary Jemima Bunbury, is on a mission to transform the way we shop online. Bunbury laments the status quo, where most retailers offer little to no personalization. Even when they do, it’s often based on historical purchase data, which quickly becomes outdated in an era of rapidly changing fashion trends and evolving personal styles.

Blend’s solution? Harnessing the power of AI to create a shopping experience that evolves with you. At TechCrunch Disrupt 2023, where Blend made its debut as part of the Startup Battlefield 200, the startup unveiled its MVP—a revolutionary app that’s set to gradually roll out to the eager 2,000 users on Blend’s waiting list. After securing angel investment in April, Blend is now on a quest to secure investors for its upcoming seed round. The funding will be pivotal in expanding the app’s feature set and paving the way for a full-scale launch.

A Retail Revolution

Blend has already forged partnerships with over 250 retailers, including the prestigious luxury retailer, Net-a-Porter. Its target audience is the digitally-savvy, mobile-first generation aged 18 to 34, who are not only amassing disposable income but also in the process of defining their unique personal style. Starting in the U.K., Blend aims to make its mark before venturing into the vast U.S. market.

Their Grand Vision

Blend’s ambitions reach far beyond just fashion. Bunbury envisions Blend as the “front door for every online shopping experience,” ultimately becoming the largest-scale retailer by providing unparalleled personalization and presenting users with the most relevant 1% of the internet’s vast shopping universe.

The Magic Behind Blend

At the heart of Blend’s AI wizardry lies transformer technology and recommendation algorithms, fueled by user interaction data. Transformer technology, a cornerstone of renowned generative AI models like ChatGPT, empowers computers to comprehend and generate human language. In the world of fashion, this means understanding user preferences and tailoring clothing recommendations like never before.

The Journey to Personalization

When users launch the Blend app, they enter a world where product imagery and descriptions from various retail and e-commerce sites converge. Short-form videos and product selections curated by influencers also adorn their feed. As users navigate this landscape, Blend diligently observes their interactions—likes, saves, shares, and dwell times, all contributing to a unique user profile. Users also set preferences for size and budget. The more they engage, the more precise their recommendations become.

Data-Driven Personalization

On the backend, Blend continuously compares products and users, forming statistical insights that fuel personalized recommendations. Even if a user’s engagement wanes, Blend leverages the data from active users to keep recommendations fresh. In this way, cultural trends and evolving styles inform the platform’s ability to create cohorts and enhance personalization.

The Shape of Things to Come

Blend goes a step further by helping users find the perfect fit for their body type—an issue retailers grapple with in managing costly return cycles. Users set preferences for different body parts and body types. However, Blend’s innovative twist is user-generated content. By encouraging users to share photos of themselves wearing their newly acquired attire, Blend creates a diverse visual repository of products on various body shapes. In the future, user reviews and a voting system will further assist users in selecting the right size.

The Blend Ecosystem

Blend operates at the intersection of shoppers, influencers, and brands. By partnering with Blend, influencers and brands can diversify their revenue streams and reach audiences across different channels. For brands, Blend represents an influential marketing platform, offering precise targeting and style-specific data to showcase products to users actively seeking to make purchases. Blend’s revenue model thrives on commissions from partner brands and retailers, with future iterations aiming to streamline in-app transactions.

The Road Ahead to Redefine Online Shopping

As Blend continues its journey to redefine online shopping, it hints at potential subscription services in the future, offering premium features such as end-of-stock alerts, exclusive discounts, and early access to brand products. Blend is not merely an app; it’s a beacon of personalization in a sea of digital aisles, promising to revolutionize how we shop, one recommendation at a time.

Think of Blend as your fashion Fairy Godmother and get shopping today.

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