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Autobiographer Uses AI to Assist People in Crafting Their Life Stories

Image Credits: Autobiographer
By: Headliners News / June 14, 2024

A new and innovative startup named Autobiographer is pioneering the use of AI technology to assist individuals in crafting their life stories. The platform engages users in meaningful conversations about their personal experiences and emotions, transforming these narratives into prose that can be exported as a PDF and potentially bound and printed in the future.

Autobiographer operates in a controversial space where AI intersects with creative fields like writing and art. However, the app positions itself as a collaborator rather than a replacement for human creativity. It guides users to tell their stories in their own words and then organizes the content for them.

The app may not replace professionally written autobiographies, but it serves as a valuable tool for documenting family histories, friendships, or creating keepsakes for loved ones. Co-founder and CEO Matt Bowman, a former Army Special Forces member and Facebook employee, views the app as a means to leave behind a narrative for his godchildren, capturing the stories and experiences from his military service and personal life.

Bowman partnered with James Barnes, another ex-Facebook employee known for his role in identifying the Cambridge Analytica data scandal. Barnes, who later founded a Super PAC to oppose Trump, found that AI could help him process his life events, leading to his collaboration with Bowman and the co-founders Luke Schoenfelder and Ivan Almaral.

Using the app involves conversing with an AI agent built on Anthropic technology, which prompts users to share their stories. These conversations are stored in a biometrically protected, encrypted vault, ensuring privacy. The AI helps users revisit and explore their memories, transforming them into various prose forms, such as short stories or gratitude letters.

Autobiographer charges an annual fee of $199, a cost positioned between a ghostwriter and a DIY approach. The company has also partnered with journalist Katie Couric as a promotional partner, with her specific role still being defined.

Founded three and a half years ago, Autobiographer has undergone several pivots, with the latest version of the app launched after a year of development. The startup has recently secured $4 million in pre-seed funding from various investors.

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