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AuthMind: Protecting Businesses from Identity-related Cyberattacks

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By: Headliners News / November 6, 2023

AuthMind, a promising cybersecurity startup hailing from Maryland, has proudly announced recently that they have successfully closed an $8.5 million seed funding round. Spearheaded by Ballistic Ventures, this investment round also witnessed strategic participation from IBM Ventures, further solidifying AuthMind’s position in the realm of identity security. Founded by the dynamic duo of CEO Shlomi Yanai and CTO Ankur Panchbudhe, AuthMind brings a wealth of experience in the security domain, having previously founded and successfully sold several security startups.

With AuthMind’s inception in 2020, Yanai and Panchbudhe aimed to address the pressing concern of identity-related cyberattacks faced by businesses today. To accomplish this, they embarked on extensive consultations with security professionals, paving the way for AuthMind’s emergence. According to the company, these discussions illuminated a recurring challenge in the industry, and they have made all those investments, but at the end of the day, hackers don’t just “hack in”, they log in.

AuthMind sets out to tackle this problem head-on, offering a solution that enables companies to safeguard their identity surface while swiftly identifying attacks and vulnerabilities in real-time. A key component of AuthMind’s approach is its analysis of a company’s network flow. By dissecting this data, AuthMind gains comprehensive insights into a company’s cloud, on-premises infrastructure, SaaS applications, password managers, and more, thereby building a holistic view of their entire cybersecurity ecosystem. As Yanai emphasized, AuthMind excels at comprehending the role of identity within these operations, providing invaluable context for post-incident investigations.

Jake Seid, co-founder and general partner at Ballistic Ventures, expressed his belief that the security paradigm has evolved from traditional network-centric models to a focus on identity. He commended AuthMind’s vision for identity SecOps as one of the most comprehensive and forward-looking in the industry. AuthMind’s approach, he noted, goes beyond mere protection, encompassing posture management, misconfiguration understanding, post-breach detection, and response, all while establishing production guardrails. This holistic approach, Seid believes, not only enhances security but also accelerates business operations.

George Mina from IBM Ventures echoed similar sentiments, underlining the expanding attack surface across identity infrastructure. AuthMind’s unique utilization of AI to correlate network flows with event logs positions security teams to detect threats in real-time, enabling them to visualize attack paths across hybrid environments.

AuthMind’s journey began back in 2020, with the founders collaborating closely with design partners to refine their cybersecurity solution. Impressively, all of the original design partners eventually transitioned into paying customers, a testament to the effectiveness of AuthMind’s offering. In today’s world, AuthMind serves a diverse array of customers managing tens of thousands, and in some cases, over 100,000 identities across their networks. While many of these customers hail from the insurance, manufacturing, and retail sectors, they have chosen to remain anonymous.

Looking ahead, AuthMind plans to bolster their go-to-market capabilities and explore several avenues for assisting customers with security audits for obtaining various certifications. Concurrently, AuthMind remains committed to enhancing its core technologies, ensuring that its solution continues to provide cutting-edge security in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

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