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Attentive: Providing AI-driven Automation Solutions for Landscaping and Construction Companies

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By: Headliners News / February 13, 2024

Attentive, a dynamic tech startup in the landscaping and construction services arena, has secured a notable $7 million in a recent funding round, marking a significant stride in its mission to amplify AI-driven solutions and extend their reach to a broader spectrum of businesses.

The Series A funding, an all-equity round led by Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia and India, builds upon the earlier $5 million seed investment and includes participation from existing investors such as Peak XV’s Surge and InfoEdge Ventures. Furthermore, Mumbai-based investment firm Tenacity Ventures has joined the funding journey through a secondary investment.

Landscaping and construction services traditionally grapple with manual measurements, incurring labor and operational costs. Attentive endeavors to alleviate many of these challenges by infusing AI and computer vision into its offerings. This Delaware-based startup, founded in April 2021 with a specific focus on North America, has developed an end-to-end business management platform with AI-based workflows, introducing automation to landscaping and construction companies.

The cornerstone of Attentive’s platform is Automeasure, an automation tool targeting services such as landscape, paving, facilities maintenance, and snow management. Through a Google Maps-like interface, companies using Automeasure can obtain precise measurements of properties, enabling them to estimate costs, materials, and time more efficiently. The tool also facilitates manual blueprint uploads, allowing the software to trace and determine material quantities based on site size and other parameters. To enhance on-site operations, Attentive provides a dedicated on-site assistance app for mobile or tablet devices, enabling real-time access to geotagged site data.

In addition to Automeasure, Attentive offers Accelerate, a flagship, cloud-based business management software tailored for landscaping and construction companies. This comprehensive solution automates sales processes, streamlines operational workflows, provides production planning with overtime alerts, facilitates live sales pipeline tracking, and prevents ghost clock-ins. The software is seamlessly integrated with aerial and blueprint takeoffs.

Shiva Dhawan, co-founder and CEO of Attentive, has emphasized the transformative impact of computer vision on traditional site measurement practices. The company’s technology processes aerial imagery using computer vision, significantly expediting the data retrieval process and introducing generative AI-based automatic scheduling for various properties and tasks.

Attentive, while initially focused on the landscaping industry, has broadened its horizon to include construction operations. The startup targets general and subcontractors, as well as suppliers, in an industry it values at over $3 trillion, leveraging its Beam AI tool for automating the tracing of multiple construction estimates simultaneously.

Dhawan highlighted Attentive’s unique DNA, rooted in artificial intelligence and computer vision expertise. The startup distinguishes itself in the deep tech AI services space, drawing on its team’s background in FinTech mapping and insurance. Dhawan also emphasized the cost-effective and reliable round-the-clock customer support from India as a strategic advantage.

The $7 million funding injection is earmarked for expanding the U.S. go-to-market team, bolstering the company’s headcount, and investing in product development. Attentive has already made significant strides, boasting a $4 million annual recurring revenue rate and garnering over 500 companies as customers across the U.S. and Canada. With a strong presence in landscaping, paving maintenance, and construction, the startup aims to continue its growth trajectory by enhancing its product offerings and expanding its market presence through strategic initiatives in marketing and customer acquisition.

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