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Ashby: This Recruiting Platform Helps Streamline the Hiring Process with AI

Image Credits: Ashby
By: Headliners News / June 21, 2024

Meet Ashby, a new and innovative recruitment platform co-founded by Benjamin Encz and Abhik Pramanik, aims to streamline the hiring process with the help of AI. Both founders have unique backgrounds: Pramanik, formerly an R&D engineer at Industrial Light & Magic and DreamWorks, later joined Social Capital and co-founded the mental health app Choir. Encz, who previously worked at IBM and consulting firm Datagroup, met Pramanik at PlanGrid, a construction productivity software startup. Their experiences with recruitment challenges at PlanGrid inspired them to develop Ashby.

Ashby consolidates existing talent acquisition tools and automates repetitive recruitment tasks using AI. The platform assists in creating job listings, sourcing candidates, sending calendar invites, and providing real-time hiring metrics dashboards. One notable feature is AI-generated filters for candidate searches, allowing recruiters to describe desired candidate attributes in plain language while Ashby handles the filter logic and booleans. The platform can also generate personalized outreach emails based on job descriptions and résumés, classify candidate responses, and summarize interview feedback.

Encz acknowledges that while AI can make mistakes, human review is integrated into each workflow to ensure accuracy. He has emphasized Ashby’s focus on product quality, the accessibility of talent team data, and the connectedness of workflows.

Since its stealth emergence in September 2022, Ashby has grown its customer base to over 1,300 brands, including notable ones like Quora, Ironclad, Vanta, Reddit, and Lemonade. The company’s revenue has increased sixfold, primarily through a base subscription model with additional fees for advanced scheduling and analytics tools. This growth has attracted investor interest, culminating in a recent $30 million Series C funding round led by Lachy Groom, with participation from Elad Gil, F-Prime, and Y Combinator, bringing Ashby’s total funding to $70 million.

Their team has described the Series C as a strong up round from the Series B, citing robust growth in the last two years and increasing traction with both startups and enterprise customers. The new funding will support further product development and market expansion, with plans to hire around 50 new employees by the end of the year, adding to their current team of about 100 based in San Francisco.

The Ashby executive team sees this as an opportune time to enhance their offerings and continue driving growth, positioning them as a key player in the evolving recruitment technology landscape.

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