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Asato: The AI-Powered Decision-Making Copilot Tailored to CIOs

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By: Headliners News / December 12, 2023

Enterprises navigating the complex landscape of digital transformation encounter a myriad of challenges, none more daunting than the role of Chief Information Officers (CIOs). The surge in data sprawl, the proliferation of SaaS applications, and the intricate tracking of purchases and expenses have made the CIO’s role exceptionally challenging. In response to this, Asato, a Bay Area-based tech startup, launched a groundbreaking AI-powered copilot designed explicitly for CIOs, ushering in a new era of efficiency and insights.

Their Background Story: The inception of Asato stems from the CEO Sundari Mitra’s experiences overseeing large teams at Intel, where the challenge of making fast decisions and tracking outcomes was pronounced. The Asato team, drawing on unique skills and experience, identified the CIO visibility challenge and built a technology solution tailored to address it. The platform’s scalability positions it as a transformative tool for CIOs, with potential expansion to other roles.

Addressing the CIO Conundrum: Asato acknowledges the unexpected challenges faced by CIOs in today’s dynamic landscape. She has gone on to point out that all of a sudden, these CIOs’ have assets they were not responsible for. And with that challenge, amongst many others, Asato aims to alleviate this burden by unveiling an innovative platform that leverages AI to discover, connect, and contextualize applications and data across an organization, providing invaluable insights and progress tracking.

Strategic Funding and Unique Name: Asato announces its launch with a notable $7.5 million seed financing round, led by Walden Catalyst Ventures’ Lip-Bu Tan. Intel Capital, Shah Capital Partners, and several angel investors join the investment. The name “Asato” holds diverse meanings in different languages, representing a dawn or new beginning, connecting assets together, and shedding light or moving from darkness to light. Sundari Mitra emphasizes that Asato aims to make the CIO a superhero in navigating the complexities of the digital landscape.

The Cloud Paradox: Despite the initial promise of cost reduction, the proliferation of applications in enterprises has increased by 11X between 2016 and 2022, reaching a staggering 130 applications on average. Mitra highlights the challenges of managing a hybrid compute environment, especially when focusing on high-expense tools like Salesforce or Oracle. The platform strives to empower CIOs to effectively manage this intricate environment while providing visibility into gaps and vulnerabilities in infrastructure.

Asato’s Intelligent Platform: Asato’s platform seamlessly integrates into the tech stack, employing AI and knowledge graphs to automate the search, linking, contextualization, and analysis of IT assets. Sundari Mitra notes the platform’s generative AI, which facilitates learning and outcome tracking. Built on technology developed at Mitra’s previous company, NetSpeed Systems, Asato’s platform leverages a knowledge graph to understand traffic flow across chips, providing a foundation for efficient querying and decision-making.

Empowering CIOs: Asato’s platform is designed to empower CIOs, offering insights into asset ownership, dependencies, and usage patterns. Their CEO Mitra has emphasized that existing tools often focus on singular functions, while Asato’s technology combines FinOps, SaaS management, and analytics. David Johnson, Managing Director at Intel Capital, sees Asato as a game-changer, enhancing the effectiveness of CIOs in managing hyper-complex infrastructures.

As Asato enters the market, its innovative approach to CIO decision-making marks a significant step forward in addressing the complexities of enterprise IT operations. Sundari Mitra’s vision of a CIO-centric platform underscores the company’s commitment to providing tangible business solutions that deliver real value in the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation.

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