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Artie: Leveraging CDC & Stream Processing for Highly Efficient Database Synchronization

Image Credits: Artie
By: Headliners News / February 26, 2024

Companies grappling with the challenge of transforming data from databases like Postgres into data warehouses like Snowflake can now turn to Artie, an early-stage startup founded by the husband-and-wife team of CEO Jacqueline Cheong and CTO Robin Tang. The Y Combinator Summer 2023 graduates have secured a $3.3 million seed investment to address the longstanding issue of the delay between data arrival and its application readiness.

Artie leverages Change Data Capture (CDC) and stream processing, employing open-source data streaming software Kafka under the hood. This approach ensures a super-reliable, non-intrusive, and highly efficient data synchronization process, resulting in minimal latency. According to Cheong, this methodology enables customers to harness their data much faster, optimizing compute costs by working exclusively with changed data.

Traditionally, many companies have routinely grappled with the trade-off between speed and cost when it comes to data wrangling, involving processes like ETL (extract, transform, load) to prepare data for use. Artie, however, positions itself as a viable solution that strikes a balance, while processing data more rapidly and cost-effectively. By allowing customers to handle smaller data amounts instead of ingesting bulk data regularly, Artie helps accelerate speed while reducing overall costs.

Artie officially launched in early 2023, introducing a cloud version of its product by April. The startup has also developed a set of open-source components, slated to remain open source under the Elastic V2 license. This strategic decision allows any company to use these open-source elements internally while preserving the restriction on commercializing the product without permission.

With ten paying enterprise customers already onboard and growing, Artie is making serious strides in the industry. The company currently operates with a team of four, including the founders, out of a small office in San Francisco. Cheong believes this setup fosters early-stage collaboration and maintains a clear distinction between work and home life for the couple.

The $3.3 million seed round, led by Exponent Founders Capital, concluded at the end of September but is being officially announced not long ago. Noteworthy participants in the funding round include General Catalyst, Y Combinator, and various industry angel investors. When it comes to real-time data replication between databases and data warehouses, startups to enterprises should consider Artie to better leverage the power of CDC streaming to achieve sub-minute latency, without the maintenance complexity.

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