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Anthym: Helping Build Deeply Connected Teams with The Power of Music

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By: Headliners News / November 20, 2023

In the realm of team connection platforms, Anthym takes center stage with its latest innovation, “Welcome,” designed to inject a personal touch into the onboarding experience for new hires. Anthym, previously recognized for its music-based team bonding experience introduced at the TechCrunch Startup Battlefield last year, continues to redefine workplace connections.

Under the umbrella of “Welcome,” employees are encouraged to create “JamTracks” – a collection of five songs that encapsulate significant memories in their lives, ranging from the joy of adopting a pet to the sorrow of losing a loved one. In a unique twist, new hires are assigned the task of curating a JamTrack by their hiring manager, fostering a deeper connection with their colleagues as these musical snapshots are shared with the entire team.

A standout feature of Welcome is its ChatGPT-powered functionality, designed to generate personalized employee user manuals for managers. This innovative tool provides insights into a new hire’s personality, communication style, core values, and potential synergies with other team members. For instance, if a new employee cites “Married My Best Friend” as a significant memory, coupled with the song “Marry Me” by Train, the AI-driven user manual illuminates the individual’s commitment to strong relationships.

The user manual feature harnesses the power of proprietary large language models (LLMs), amalgamating employee data and insights from Anthym’s esteemed scientific advisors. This advisory team includes Dr. Elizabeth Margulis, a Music Cognition Lab professor at Princeton University; Dr. Matthew Lieberman, director of UCLA’s Social Cognitive Neuroscience Lab; and Allen Romano, an AI startup founder and former FSU professor.

Co-founder and COO Jeremy Gocke shared insights into Anthym’s mission, emphasizing the importance of fostering connections in the workplace. Gocke and CEO Brian Mohr founded Anthym in response to the evident need for meaningful connections among employees. The duo recognized that a lack of trust and camaraderie among coworkers contributed significantly to employee turnover. Gocke explained, “Work life and personal life don’t intersect,” prompting the duo to explore innovative solutions during the pandemic, where remote work underscored the human side of professional interactions.

While the notion of sharing personal memories and favorite songs with colleagues may initially raise eyebrows, Anthym believes in the unifying power of music. Gocke asserted, “Music is a huge unifier. It’s like a time machine.” Welcome aims to address the prevalent issue of inadequate onboarding, a factor contributing to low self-esteem, diminished engagement, and an increased risk of employee turnover, according to Gallup’s research.

Anthym’s Welcome offering, officially launched today, follows a successful beta phase with 160 workshop clients. The annual subscription for Welcome ranges from $1,200 to $6,000, marking a commitment to providing a transformative onboarding experience for companies seeking to cultivate a connected and engaged workforce.

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