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Anchor & Hope: The Sustainable Craft Winery Producing Exquisite Wines

Image Credits: Anchor & Hope
By: Headliners News / November 24, 2023

Nestled in the heart of Rumford, Rhode Island, in a refurbished wire mill building, lies a winery unlike any other: Anchor & Hope. Founded by the dynamic duo of California native James Davids and Massachusetts-born Marissa Stashenko, this urban craft winery is more than just a producer of exquisite wines – it’s an embodiment of a dream, a journey, and a commitment to sustainability.

From California to Providence: A Tale of Transition

2018 marked a significant shift for the couple. With the birth of their son Liam and an insatiable drive for a more fulfilling life, James and Marissa left the sprawling vineyards of California to plant their roots in Providence, RI. Their choice was inspired by the city’s budding art scene, soulful diversity, and a reminiscent vibe of San Francisco’s former glory. More than that, Providence, positioned equidistantly between the West Coast and Europe, unlocked a world of collaboration with fellow wine enthusiasts across the globe.

Crafting Liquid Gold with Global Ties

Anchor & Hope’s wines are products of love and collaboration. Teaming up with family-run farms from Germany to Oregon and now Rhode Island and New York, the winery curates a collection of wines that not only taste divine but also tell tales of distant lands and shared dreams. Sometimes, grapes travel miles to be crushed in their Rumford haven; other times, they start their journey at home wineries before arriving at Anchor & Hope for the final touch.

Sustainability: The Heartbeat of Anchor & Hope

Determined to leave a gentle footprint on the planet, James and Marissa champion eco-friendly practices. Their initial venture focused on packaging wines into kegs, an initiative aimed at reducing waste. A single stainless steel keg, over its three-decade-long lifespan, prevents thousands of bottles, corks, and labels from burdening the environment. The result? Fresh wines, minimal waste.

Responding to market needs and the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, Anchor & Hope expanded their packaging portfolio to include bottles and now cans, which echo their sustainable ethos given aluminum’s high recyclability rate.

A Transparent Journey with Every Sip

Transparency is woven into the fabric of Anchor & Hope. From the vineyard to the glass, James and Marissa aim to offer insights into the story, process, and people behind each wine. Their business is not just about wine; it’s about environmentally conscious decisions, affordability for consumers, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Anchor & Hope Wine Cans

The Essence of Anchor & Hope Wines

Drawing inspiration from Rhode Island’s state flag, the name ‘Anchor & Hope’ is a testament to James and Marissa’s journey. It encapsulates their decision to anchor their dreams in Hope, Providence, and the unwavering optimism for their family’s future and their blossoming business.

With every bottle or can of Anchor & Hope wine, one doesn’t just taste the rich flavors of expertly crafted wine; they experience the dreams, hopes, and passions of a family that turned their love for wine into a beacon of sustainability and excellence.

To Anchor & Hope: A toast to dreams realized, journeys undertaken, and a brighter, greener tomorrow. Cheers!

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