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Amie: This Innovative Calendar App Integrates Emails, Meetings, Tasks, and More

Image Credits: Amie
By: Headliners News / January 26, 2024

Meet Amie, the innovative calendar app challenging the likes of Microsoft Outlook, has officially launched its 1.0 version after spending a couple of years in private beta. The release comes on the heels of Notion’s recent entry into the calendar space with Notion Calendar, prompting Amie to open up to users without the need for an invite code.

Unlike traditional calendar apps, Amie sets itself apart by seamlessly integrating email functionality, eliminating the need for users to toggle between their calendar and email client. Dennis Müller, Amie’s founder and CEO, emphasized the app’s commitment to delivering a more user-friendly experience compared to Microsoft Outlook’s complex interface.

The 1.0 version introduces Amie’s email integration feature, aiming to streamline users’ workflows by bringing their inbox directly into the calendar app. This strategic move allows users to schedule meetings, view and respond to emails, and manage tasks all within a single interface.

Amie’s unique approach to managing tasks is evident in its left-hand column, where users can create tasks without immediately assigning due dates. Tasks can be effortlessly dragged into the week view, transforming them into scheduled events next to existing calendar items.

Recognizing the diverse preferences in task management, Amie caters to users who rely on full-fledged task management apps. The platform has integrated with third-party services such as Notion, Linear, Things, Todoist, and Ticktick. These helpful integrations enable users to import tasks from these services or maintain synchronization across platforms.

A standout feature of Amie is its focus on team collaboration. Business users can easily check the availability of co-workers by hovering over their profile pictures in the sidebar. Their app also supports multiple accounts, allowing users to view personal and work calendars within the same application.

The mobile version of Amie introduces a split-screen feature, offering users a satisfying experience as they seamlessly navigate between their email inbox and calendar. The interface allows users to adjust the screen divider to prioritize either their inbox or calendar view.

In a notable move, Amie has decided to introduce a premium plan alongside its 1.0 release. While the majority of features will remain free, the new email functionality will be exclusive to Amie Pro subscribers, priced at $15/€12 per month. The premium plan will also include upcoming features, such as AI-powered automatic scheduling for tasks.

Amie, a team of 14 individuals, has raised a total of $8 million and aims to stand out in the competitive calendar app market. Müller envisions Amie becoming a “one-in-a-million product” in 2024, offering users a unique and efficient productivity experience. Keep an eye on Amie, as this innovative tech startup plans to continue innovating and delivering a streamlined solution for users seeking a unified approach to managing their calendar, tasks, and emails.

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