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Allozymes Uses Proprietary Technology to Accelerate Enzymatics for Industries to Manufacture Complex Natural Products

Image Credits: Allozymes
By: Headliners News / June 10, 2024

Meet Allozymes, a very innovative tech startup renowned for its rapid enzymatic testing capabilities, is leveraging its technology not just as a service but as a springboard for building a unique and valuable dataset. This data-centric approach has attracted significant investor interest, culminating in a recent $15 million Series A funding round. With this infusion of capital, Allozymes aims to elevate its business from a service provider to a globally renowned resource.

Their CEO and founder Peyman Salehian reflected on Allozymes’ journey since its inception in 2021, reminiscing about the early days when the company comprised fewer than five individuals operating out of a modest 1000-square-foot lab in San Francisco. Fast forward to the present, Allozymes has expanded its team to 32 across the U.S., Europe, and Singapore, with a staggering 15-fold increase in lab space.

While Allozymes’ core technology remains unchanged, its enzymatic screening technique has undergone exponential acceleration. By employing microfluidics systems to test millions of enzyme variants daily, Allozymes has revolutionized enzyme discovery and optimization. This innovative approach enables the exploration of vast chemical landscapes, offering solutions across various industries.

Allozymes’ success stories illustrate the transformative potential of its technology:

  • Phytoene, typically sourced in minute quantities from tomatoes, can now be efficiently produced in bioreactors, consuming 99% less water.
  • Bisabolol, a valuable compound found in the endangered candeia tree, can be synthesized in abundance using Allozymes’ enzymatic pathway.
  • Soluble sweet fiber, derived from plant fibers, serves as an alternative sweetener, contributing to innovative food products like cookies and bubble tea.

Looking ahead, Allozymes plans to diversify its offerings beyond enzyme optimization. The SingZyme service will continue to enhance existing processes, while MultiZyme will focus on creating new enzyme-based solutions. Moreover, Allozymes aims to develop a machine learning model to harness its extensive dataset, providing insights into enzyme functionality and chemical interactions.

The $15 million Series A round, led by Seventure Partners, NUS Technology Holdings, Thia Ventures, and ID Capital, reaffirms investor confidence in Allozymes’ vision. With robust financial backing and a clear roadmap, Allozymes is poised for further expansion into pharmaceuticals and the establishment of a U.S. presence.

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