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Aim Security: Helping Secure Generative AI-based Apps from Prompt Attacks

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By: Headliners News / February 2, 2024

Over the past couple of years, Generative AI applications like ChatGPT have burst into the global tech startup scene, enterprises, and throughout society. However, with this acceleration of GenAI usage, so comes a massive increase in security concerns as vulnerabilities will continue to unfold and evolve.

In light of the ever-increasing necessity of securing generative AI-based applications, Tel Aviv-based Aim Security is stepping into the spotlight with a new GenAI security platform and a noteworthy $10 million seed funding round. The funding, led by YL Ventures, includes participation from Cyber Club London and a group of angel investors, including the founders of WIZ.

Founded by Matan Getz (CEO) and Adir Gruss (CTO), both with cybersecurity backgrounds honed during their time with the Israel Defense Forces, Aim Security is well-positioned to better address the many growing challenges of preventing data leakage and ensuring the responsible use of generative AI. Getz, having served in Unit 8200 and later as the deputy CISO at the IDF, joined forces with Gruss, who was the commander of an elite cybersecurity education program and later the field CTO of Laminar.

Aim Security’s approach is rooted in a holistic examination of the security implications surrounding generative AI. Their primary focus is on averting data leaks and ensuring the responsible utilization of GenAI across various fronts — from employees engaging with public GenAI products like ChatGPT to developers creating internal or public-facing applications.

The ease of use and popularity of consumer applications in the GenAI space pose challenges, leading Aim Security to liken its solution to “Data Loss Prevention on steroids.” The platform aims to address the delicate balance between user-friendly applications and the potential misuse of sensitive data for training models. As companies increasingly connect their internal data to GenAI copilots, enforcing authorization rules becomes a complex task. Aim Security steps in to offer clarity, especially in environments where internal developers are eager to build custom applications.

The company’s platform seamlessly integrates with existing security solutions, complemented by a lightweight browser extension. This strategic positioning ensures that Aim Security is ever-present between large language models and users or applications. This unique vantage point allows the company to monitor the GenAI tools being used by a company’s employees and the data being fed into them.

Aim Security is already gaining traction across various industries, showcasing the relevance of its approach in addressing the evolving security landscape of generative AI. With a strong investor base deeply rooted in the U.S. and Europe, the company is poised for expansion in these markets, marking the next phase of its journey in safeguarding the responsible and secure use of generative AI-based applications.

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