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AgZen: Optimizing Droplet Coverage in Real-time to Reduce Pesticide Use in Agriculture

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By: Headliners News / March 13, 2024

Meet AgZen, who has emerged as a game changer in the agricultural landscape, where the judicious use of pesticides is crucial for both crop yield and environmental sustainability. According to a 2021 study, the reliance on pesticides is integral to preserving a significant portion of global fruit, vegetable, and cereal production. However, the conventional method of pesticide application involves indiscriminate spraying, leading to potential environmental hazards and increased financial burden on farmers.

RealCoverage leverages artificial intelligence to revolutionize this process, offering real-time adjustments to optimize pesticide use. With the capability to detect droplets as small as 150 microns, the system ensures precise and efficient application. Parameters such as pressure, rate, boom height, and speed can be dynamically adjusted, allowing for maximum efficiency even at speeds of up to 12 mph. This technological breakthrough not only addresses the economic concerns of farmers but also has far-reaching implications for public health and environmental sustainability.

AgZen claims that its algorithms and optimizations can reduce chemical usage by up to 50%. This reduction in input costs proves financially beneficial for farmers, providing a sustainable solution that aligns with the imperative need for eco-friendly agricultural practices. The potential impact on crop health and yield is substantial, as RealCoverage fine-tunes the pesticide application process, ensuring that crops receive the necessary protection without unnecessary waste.

The company’s commitment to innovation is underscored by over three years of rigorous field trials on various crops. In successful pilots and trials conducted across the U.S. and Europe, RealCoverage demonstrated its efficacy while collaborating with some of the largest growers globally. This real-world testing phase not only validates the technology but also positions AgZen as a key player in addressing the challenges posed by pesticide runoff.

Pesticide runoff has been a significant concern, contributing to contamination of agricultural streams, wells, and aquifers. By reducing foliar pesticide usage by 30% to 50%, AgZen’s technology not only aids in preserving environmental resources but also aligns with global efforts to mitigate the impact of pesticide pollution on soil and water. As regulatory bodies, such as the EPA, intensify their focus on pesticide runoff, RealCoverage emerges as a timely and effective solution.

Beyond its immediate benefits, RealCoverage offers a potential lifeline for farmers navigating regulatory challenges. The system provides precise data on pesticide volume in real-time, offering transparency and insights that can enhance pesticide tracking. This information can prove invaluable for regulatory compliance, helping farmers manage environmental impact and contributing to the design of new formulations and optimized farm operations globally.

AgZen is gearing up for the commercial launch of RealCoverage later this year, introducing a lease-to-own program to make the technology financially accessible to farmers. The company’s forward-thinking approach not only addresses the immediate challenges faced by farmers but also positions RealCoverage as a catalyst for sustainable and efficient agricultural practices in the years to come.

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