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1X to Bring Domestic Android ‘Neo’ to Consumer Markets

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By: Headliners News / January 17, 2024

Norwegian startup 1x has recently secured a $100 million Series B funding round to advance its innovative humanoid project, Neo, designed for everyday domestic tasks. Neo is envisioned as an intelligent assistant capable of performing various household chores, from laundry to tidying. The new funding infusion will be used to bring Neo to the consumer market.

1x aims to produce commercial androids that work alongside humans, freeing up time and enhancing global living standards. Neo is characterized by its human-like attributes, including form, height (165 cm), range of motion, and dexterous hands capable of lifting 75 kg. The recent funding round included participation from investors such as EQT Ventures, with OpenAI being a lead investor in 1x’s previous Series A raise.

Neo’s Attributes: Neo is designed to integrate into everyday life with human-like attributes, soft and safe construction, and the ability to perform a range of household tasks. It is equipped with embodied AI to learn new skills through interactions with the environment.

Investment and Partnerships: The $100 million Series B funding round included investors such as EQT Ventures, known for supporting startups like Varjo and Einride. OpenAI, a lead investor in 1x’s previous funding round, has played a crucial role in providing insight into AI developments and trends.

Market Expansion: The new funding infusion will support 1x in bringing Neo to the consumer market, and while the launch date has not disclosed, preorders are expected to open up very soon. This innovative startup envisions a future where humanoid robots enhance workplaces and daily lives.

Competition and Market Dynamics: The development of humanoid robots is becoming a competitive space, with companies like Tesla working on its Optimus robot. The market for humanoids is gaining momentum, with the potential for these robots to assimilate into the workforce and coexist with humans in various environments.

The new funding injection accelerates 1x’s progress in developing consumer-oriented humanoid robots, contributing to the growing landscape of intelligent assistants designed to perform everyday tasks and interact seamlessly with human users.

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